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But the embers are burning inside of me

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That’s what courage is.

That’s what courage is.

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I let my hands float up to the top of the tank. I let the water fold me in its silken arms.

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“One choice can transform you.” - Divergent (x)

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 dauntless through and through.
dauntless through and through.

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[2/?] BRILLIANT BOOKS ↳ Divergent by Veronica Roth

Somewhere inside me is a merciful, forgiving person. Somewhere there is a girl who tries to understand what people are going through, who accepts that people do evil things and that desperation leads them to darker places than they ever imagined. I swear she exists, and she hurts for the repentant boy I see in front of me. But if I saw her, I wouldn’t recognize her.

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You chose us. Now we have to choose you.

You chose us. Now we have to choose you.

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Favourite Scene/Quote from Divergent/Insurgent When Tris and Tobias visit his fear landscape. 

Requested by: uuriah

I don’t have a favourite but I really like this part of the book. Garrett isn’t a fancast for Tobias, I just had no other ideas.

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Minimalist | Divergent Characters

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